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By Adrian Robinson, Toronto Marketing Recruiter

One of the main things that is guaranteed in the marketing industry is change – a lot of it. Roles, requirements, strategies, and technology are continuously changing. Unfortunately, for many organizations and marketing agencies, this means a high level of employee turnover and a constant hiring cycle.

Like many marketing companies, you are probably tired of hiring new people, having them stay for a year or two and then leave. While it is common in marketing for professionals to move around a lot, there are ways you can reduce employee turnover amid the constant change in the industry.

“Employee turnover is extraordinarily costly, but there are many ways to get in front of it, and work to resolve the issues that cause it. Thoughtfully approaching these few areas we’ve discussed can make the difference between an organization that is a talent magnet, and one that is suffering high employee turnover,” says George Dickson on Business 2 Community.

5 Ways to Reduce Marketing Employee Turnover

Keep your marketing team strong and intact by following these tips:

1. Make exceptions for exceptional talent

Great talent doesn’t walk into your organization every day. If you hire someone who can truly make a difference in your organization, don’t let them walk out the door because of a company policy. Find a way to keep them.

2. Offer career advancement opportunities

Assessing a candidate's wisdom quotient

One of the main reasons why marketing professionals move on is because they hit a ceiling and don’t have more room for growth – so offer it to them. This doesn’t always mean a promotion. Advancement can take on many other forms, including continuing education, mentoring, special projects, and even more autonomy.

3. Open the lines of communication

Your team wants to be in the know. They want to be part of what is happening and not be kept in the dark. When you have an open dialogue with your employees, they will be more likely to voice their concerns and express issues they have, allowing you to address them before they fester and cause them to leave the company.

4. Strong culture

Communication skills

People want to be part of something. A strong organizational culture that is inclusive and creates strong relationships helps people feel welcome and part of something bigger. It also makes them feel more secure in their position.

5. Show appreciation

People want to be recognized for a job well done. Even small tokens of appreciation can go a long way – an email saying, “Thanks for the effort,” or even an employee of the month award can make a difference. If a team member goes above and beyond, recognize their hard work, and they’ll reward you and show appreciation by being loyal.

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