As 2023 comes to an end, our executive search agency wanted to take a look back at the year that was in recruiting. It was a year filled with many challenges – talent shortages, a looming recession, tech disruption, and the push to return to the office, to name a few. 

In this blog, our executive search recruitment agency highlights our top insights. Below, we summarize the top articles, tips, and advice provided by our Toronto recruiters this year:

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ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence

Chat GPT and artificial intelligence (AI) certainly captured a lot of the headlines in 2023. It’s changing how we work. Our recruiters paid close attention to how AI is affecting job seekers, employers, and recruitment:

Are You Using ChatGPT to Apply For Jobs?

6 Ways AI is Transforming the Recruitment Industry

Nervous About Losing Your Job to AI? Consider These Skills AI Can’t Replicate

Hiring in the Age of AI: The Good, The Bad & The Scary

Can AI Help With Burnout and Work-Life Balance?

Try These AI 5 Tools to Help You Do Your Job Better

Don’t Ignore These 4 Trends That Are Shaping the Workforce This Year

These Will Be the 4 Fastest Growing Skillsets in 2023

Remote / Hybrid Work and Work From Home Policies

There was a big push by companies to get employees to come back to the office. But there was also a big pushback. Here are key insights from our recruiters about remote and hybris work and work-from-home policies:

Is Full-Time Remote Work a Thing of the Past?

Could Remote Work Be Hurting Your Career? Ask Yourself These 15 Questions

Will Remote Work Lead to “the Uberization of the Workforce”?

The Data is In: Companies Mandating Office Returns are Struggling to Recruit & Retain

Managing a Remote Workforce? Use These 12 Tips to Avoid Proximity Bias

Are Most CEOs Secretly Planning to Kill Hybrid Work?

Is Remote Work Really to Blame for Decreased Productivity?

Should Employees Be Compensated for Returning to the Office?

Should You Work Two Full-Time Remote Jobs at The Same Time?

Work-Life Balance

Flexibility and work-life balance continue to be a top desire for talent. Here’s a list of top blogs our recruiters wrote this year:

How to Ask About Work-Life Balance in an Interview Without Appearing Lazy

Are You Doing These 3 Fundamental Things to Support Your Workers’ Mental Health?

Does Your Company Need a Head of Flexible Work?

How Well Do Four-Day Weeks Work? The Results Are In.

Are “Lazy Girl Jobs” a New Trend or Just Work-Life Balance Rebranded?

Do You Have an Unhealthy Relationship With Work?

Work Trend Report: What Are Our “Digital Debts” Costing Us?

Women in the Workplace

Even though strides are being made, women continue to face hurdles in the workplace. Here are our key insights on this important subject: 

The Top 4 Myths About Women in the Workplace

Women at Work: What You Need to Know from a Nobel Prize Winning Researcher

Study: Women Face Employment Discrimination at Every Age and Career Stage

Hiring Advice 

Hiring is our area of expertise and our recruiters have a lot to say on the subject. Here’s our recruitment team’s top advice:

How to Identify Top Executive Talent in an Interview

Consider These 3 Crucial Questions When Deciding Between Two Great Candidates

Don’t Lose “The One”: The Top 4 Reasons Candidates Decline Your Job Offers

Age as an Advantage: Why Hiring Older Workers Creates a Competitive Edge

It’s Been a Candidate’s Market for Years Now. Have the Tables Turned?

The January Hiring Rush is Almost Here. 8 Ways to Prep Now to Get the Candidates You Want.

Don’t Wait Until January to Start Your Hiring Process. Seriously, Here’s Why.

Job Postings That Mention These 3 Things Receive Double the Applications

Don’t Lose Another Candidate to a Counteroffer, Do These 4 Things Instead

Top 3 Signs Your Hiring Process Might Be Broken (And How to Fix It)

Looking to Scoop Up Laid Off “Big Tech” Candidates? Read These 6 Tips

Hiring for an Executive Position? 3 Non-Negotiables You Should Look For


Many of your hiring issues can be rectified by focusing on retention. Recruiting doesn’t stop once you bring a candidate on board. It continues through your retention efforts. Here are some key retention insights:

How to Ensure Your New Star Employee Doesn’t Quit

Want to Know Why Your Best People Quit? 4 of the Most Likely Reasons

Gen Zers Are Not Happy – How to Engage and Retain Your Gen Z Employees

How to Help Your Employees Upskill (Hint: It’s Not Another Training)

Is “The Great Resignation” Over?

More Than Half of All Employees Have One Foot Out the Door

Employee Retention Rates are Increasing, But Why?

A WAY Overlooked Factor That’s Driving Employee Retention Down

How to Prevent New Hires from Regretting Their Decision

What to Do When an Employee Resigns: A Resignation Period Checklist

Advice For Job Seekers

Finding a job is time-consuming and challenging. Check out some great advice from our recruiters:

4 Phrases That Scream BAD COMPANY CULTURE in an Interview

How “Microcredentials” Can Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

How Recruitment Experts Say to Rebound From a Layoff

How to Leverage Non-LinkedIn Social Platforms to Find Your Next Job

How Long Should You Stay at a Job?

Do You Have Job Search Burnout? 4 Fresh Ideas to Keep You Going

Advice from a Recruiter: How Far Back Should Your Resume Go?

Stretching the Truth on Your Resume? There Could Be Legal Implications

How to Use Threads to Hire & Get Hired

4 High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Do You Need a Degree to Get a High-Paying Job?

The 8 Most Common Interview Questions with Sample Answers

How to Ace a Second Interview: 8 Tips from an Executive Search Firm

Want to Get the Job? The Number One Quality Hiring Managers Look For

Leaving a Job Checklist: Make Sure You Do These 10 Things  

Is it Worth it to Get a Master’s Degree?

How to Explain a Gap in Your Resume

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